Thursday, 19 April 2012

Mason and Me - Life with a Teacup Dragon (7)

Dragon from Shrek

There are some animals where it's hard to tell their sex when they're just born. Cats are one type of animal that suffers this. Turns out that dragons also suffer from this little problem and despite an expert assuring me that I had a male, Mason is in fact a girl dragon.We only realised because Mason had a play date with his, I mean, her brother today. The difference became obvious when we saw them side by side, for Wilfred (the brother) is much stouter in his build and his skin is rough, while Mason has a rather graceful build and though scaly, her skin is quite soft and smooth.
Well, we are a female heavy household to begin with, so what's one more? I do feel sorry for Andy-Dog sometimes though, being the only man.
Mason, guarding my North & South DVD
Am suddenly wondering if I can get Mason a little pink tutu or something. Don't worry, I wouldn't really be that cruel.
However, it does explain one interesting factoid, Mason's interest with North and South. You see, I thought that she fancied Margaret (though she wasn't that interested in her scenes) sympathised with the working classes, or perhaps empathised with John's struggle.
But nope, it turns out that I have fire breathing competition for Richard Armitage affections.
My only hope!
Let's face it, girls, when vying for his attention, who is he going to choose? The rare, believed to be extinct dragon, or the slightly mad author? It's a no brainer really.
My only hope now, is to get a ridiculously cute puppy before meeting him.
Of course, given that neither Mason or me are likely to meet him, that might be a little drastic.
Still, it's nice to have company to watch the mini-series with, when I can wrestle the DVD box away from her, that is. She's weirdly possessive of it.
I haven't daren't show her the Vicar of Dibley yet, I'm afraid her ovaries might burst! 
Mason and her brother, Wilfred.

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