Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mason and Me - Life with a Teacup Dragon

Mason, my teacup dragon
Well, Mason was born 4 weeks ago now and we're getting on swimmingly together. Even the dogs love him. Of course, he hasn't really learned how to breath fire just yet, so he may go out of favour once we have a few scorched whiskers.
Now, before I go any further, I want to pre-empt all the people who will no doubt be saying how awful it is to inbreed dragons until they're this tiny. Teacup dragons aren't inbreed, they are naturally that small (which is how they managed to survive the human/dragon war. More on that some other time)
The war is also why you won't see many, they are incredibly shy creatures, unless they know you well. Thankfully Mason imprinted on me at birth, so he trusts me.
A few facts.
Mason is a Whiptailed green (They are bright green just after birth but get browner as they age)
Whiptailed Greens grow to between 8cm and 20cm, though I suspect Mason will be on the smaller side.
Mason's mother, Vera, had an unfortunate accident with a freezer, so Mason and his brother were incubated in my fireplace.
Mason snuggling with Lucy when he was 4 days old. Usually you cant see him because he's hiding under her ears, he seems to like it there.
Contrary to popular belief, dragons are actually very tactile creatures and especially when they're young, they love to snuggle. The experts tell me it's because they need to keep warm, but I don't care why.
If you bond with a dragon when it's young, they will be your friend for life and make surprisingly loyal and obedient pets.


  1. Were can you by a teacup dragon? Because I cant find anything about them on the internet?
    Are they hard to handle and how long do they live?

  2. I'm really sorry, but Dragons are fictional. Mason was dreamed up in my crazy head, and I photoshopped a few pictures of him to make the posts more interesting.

    Sorry for the confusion.