Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mason and Me - Life with a Teacup Dragon (6)

First outing.
During the glorious good weather we had the other week, we thought we'd try our first trip outside. There are a few things to remember when acclimatising your teacup dragon to new things.
1) They are very shy creatures. Try to find a bag, pocket or similar, so that they can still peek out but also feel safe.
2) Don't go anywhere loud or crowded.
3) When scared, they tend to flame. Make sure you have some oven gloves and a handy pocket fire extinguisher, just in case.
4) Don't wear anything too flammable (steer clear of the hairspray on days like this).
Mason's first time outside
So, with all this in mind, I put him in my shirt pocket and we headed to the park with the dogs (I thought that having the dogs around would make him feel more relaxed). The material on my shirt is thin enough that he could just about see through it, or he could peak out of the top of the pocket when he felt confident.
We settled on the grass for a while and when the park emptied out after lunch time, I took him out and he wandered on the grass for a while. He seems to like nature, though when he saw another person enter the park (like, 100 meters away) he gave me a few scratches as he desperately tried to get back into my pocket.
Still, all's well that ends well.

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