Sunday, 25 March 2012

Mason and Me - Life with a Teacup Dragon (3)

Miniature Flat Dragon
Other breeds of Dragon  
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The Miniature Flat Dragon. Named for their slightly flat body shape, this dragon is known for it's sweet temperament and intelligence. They commonly grow to between 10 and 20cm in length. Their flame is especially hot so they arent good for cooking, but they are wonderful at lighting fires.

The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon generally grows up to 25cm in length. This dragon is not for first time owners as they are prone to be a but nasty in temperament and need careful handling. Having said that, when trained well, they are extremely loyal and intelligent, capable of handling complex tasks. However, poor training or any mis treatment could lose you a finger.

The Leaf-winged dragon
The Leaf-winged Dragon. One of the few dragons that can still be found in the wild, thanks to the camouflage offered by it's leaf-like wings. It is distinctive because of it's green coloured flame and smoke. Depending on the climate they can grow up to 30cm in length, though 15 to 20 is more normal. They are responsible for many brush and forest fires, which sadly also claim the lives of many leaf-winged dragons each year. Of all remaining dragons breeds, they are the most endangered. If you do manage to spot and catch one, they can me very loving pets, but they will retain their independent streak.

The Prickly Dragon
The Prickly Dragon is named more for it's temperament than it's looks. It's the smallest of all dragons, growing to a maximum of 15cm, but more usually 7-12cms. Despite it;s size, it packs the biggest fire power of any dragon. The only specimens are owned by hardened breeders and when not working, are kept in specialist dragon houses, made from the same material as a kiln. They do not like people and they will not form a bond with you, or any other living creature. However, if you are willing to put up with their temper, they can be very useful workmates. Many incinerator's and crematoriums employ Prickly's as they are able to create fires that burn at temperatures of up to 1000 degreed Celsius. Plus, they love making fires.

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  1. Love this! The dragons are so cute, and I like the descriptions!

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    1. Did you actually genetically engineer pet dragons?!?!?!

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