Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Hobbit Read-Along, Chapter Seven

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Wouldn't you know it, although they lost everything again, horses, food, supplies, they found a nice shapeshifter called Beorn (he wasn't in Abba by any chance, was he?) who was more than happy for them to sleep in his house, take his food and use his horses. I'm only surprised he didn't give them the shirt off his back! These middle earth types are incredibly helpful, you know.
But now Gandalf is finally leaving and they are heading into a dangerous forest. No really, extremely dangerous. The most dangerous part of the trip.
Once again they must not stray from the path lest they encounter all sorts of evil. I and forced to wonder what makes these paths so safe from evil creatures. Anything malevolent forces that had a brain would surely keep and eye on all paths through the forest. Maybe they're some kind of survivalist evil creatures who feel that they have to work a bit harder than just laying an ambush for their food?
As I have come to realise, logic doesn't have much place in this book.
I am also hopeful that without Gandalf present, the dwarves might prove themselves the mighty warriors that we have been so often told they are.
Here's hoping!


  1. ROFL! Loooove your resume´style and your funny comments even though it is on the expense of "The Hobbit" ;-)

    I was not aware of that the Hobbit was THAT funny - I enjoyed it, but NEVER laugh as I am doing now :-)

    Got to print you resumes´ and attach them to our copy of the Hobbit ;-)

  2. I'm so glad that you're enjoying it.