Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Hobbit Read-Along, Chapter Ten

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The plan worked and all dwarves survived the trip down the river and made it to Laketown. I'm assuming someone is going to bite the dust at some point but against all odds, all 13 dwarves and Bilbo still live.
Kili, who does indeed have an (unnamed) mother
Poor Bilbo had a cold from the water and is grumpy. The dwarves, upset at being in barrels for a day are also grumpy. Basically everyone is grumpy. The inhabitants of Laketown take them in however and feed them. They are thrilled that the king under the mountain has returned (save for a few doubters) and offer any assistance the dwarves need to help complete their quest. The end is in sight as the mountain is visible from Laketown. Two weeks later they are rested and recovered and ready to head off to the mountain.
Oh, there is mention of another woman, they do exist! Fili and Kili are the sons of Thorin's sister. Of course that's all we get, that she bore two male children; in fact she is such a non-entity that we're not even told her name. Still, at least now I know the dwarves aren't hermaphrodites! 

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