Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Hobbit Read-Along, Chapter Eight

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Who could have guessed that our party of questers would wander from the path and into danger? Sorry, that's too easy, no prizes for guessing that one.
However, they travelled for many weeks without encountering even a hint of danger. Okay, there was an enchanted river, but they had been warned about it and the dwarf in question simply fell in, losing them their dinner at the same time.
Now they have used up all their food and wandered from the path in search of a feast they believe they saw. The feasters disappear in a flash each time they come across the gathering though and finally Bilbo and the dwarves run into some giant spiders.
12 dwarves get captured, though Bilbo manages to escape and rescue the others with a little help from his magic ring. Bilbo notes that there are 12 dwarves cocooned in spider web but doesn't wonder where the 13th is.
The dwarves are freed and run off into the forest, but none notice that their leader is missing until nightfall.
All I can do is roll my eyes at this point and wonder how, being so stupid, they have managed to stay alive at all. They are so dumb that it's a wonder they can even tie their own shoe laces. Or maybe they don't have laces on their boots; just as well really, Velcro is more their intelligence level.
It turns out that Thorin has been captured by elves and will remain their prisoner until he talks, which he presently refuses to do. I really hope he has the guile to get out of this on his own and redeem the dwarves somewhat but I am not hopeful. Not at all.
Also, I'm getting sick and tires of all these references to food and being starving. Honestly, we get it, you like food, you're hungry, but there is no food so STFU and get on with getting out of the forest!

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