Sunday, 31 March 2013

Staying Positive

I imagine he has a sort of Muttley-esk laugh

Well, after the negativity of the spiteful Jenny M that I posted about yesterday (the troll who is going to, how did she put it, make me “the worst rated author on Amazon”) and the unfairness of Amazon in being totally blind to the issue, I decided to see if her campaign was effective. 

The answer is a resounding "No"! 

Despite her vindictive reviews, getting most of my good reviews removed, upvoting my bad reviews and downvoting my good ones, I'm still 7 in the Regency Romance chart! And with only a 2.2/5 rating! 

Even Duchess, which was released back in January, is still 85 in the regency chart.

I should have learned my lesson from Psycho-Ex, when no officials were the slightest bit interested in actually helping me stop his stalking. People in power just don't care about the little guy but so what? I literally had to leave my life behind and start again so if I can survive that, I can survive a jealous teenagers tantrums.

I think I just forgot to count my blessings for a day. It's hard to be unhappy when you're feeling grateful for what you have. 

The best thing is, my "success" is still so new, that I still feel like I want to burst out laughing at random moments, as the dog above seems to be doing! 

Whoever said success is the best revenge was 100%  right! 

I'm now looking forward to the spa break I'll be taking my family on soon, to say 'thanks for helping me while I was a struggling writer'.

And to God/destiny/fate/higher power/luck or whatever else is up there and may be looking our for me, thank you. 

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