Sunday, 23 May 2010

Book Covers

I have been sent some very early cover previews. These are my favourite two.

<- I like the simplicity of this one and it's very eye catching. I love the fact it's white because that's not what you expect when reading a vampire novel. While still being relevant to the book, in no way does this book say "this is a run of the mill, urban fantasy book". of course at the same time, in no way does it even say "This is an urban fantasy book".

-> Again, I like the simplicity of this one and the eyes. They're spooky and unusual. I also think is eye catching and it's more traditional, no one picking this up would be surprised to find it's an urban fantasy book.

Just because of how unusual the white cover is in this genre, I think that's my favourite.

What are your thoughts? The traditional dark background or the unusual white background?

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