Monday, 20 February 2012

Hope for Tomorrow

It has been brought to my attention that Hope for Tomorrow still had a few errors when it was published.

My sincere apologies for that. I do have all my manuscripts professionally proofed but when you're talking 90+ thousand words, I suppose mistakes are sometimes inevitable.

A new version has now been uploaded to Amazon but because downloading the new version will delete any bookmarks and notes you have on your copy, you need to request the updated version (you wont be charged or anything).

If you would like an error free copy, please email asking for the version on your kindle to be updated. The book details are as follows

Title: Hope for Tomorrow
By: Catherine Winchester
ASIN: B0078FWG52
I believe that all the mistakes have been caught now but if you should spot any more, please do let me know.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Why I hate Grammar Nazi's

ETA: The Sad Life of a Grammar Nazi 

For all those people who think that dyslexics and those with other learning disabilities have an unfair advantage, what with being allowed laptops in school and given extra time in exams (not that I had such advantages) please believe me that once we get into the real world, you have all the advantages.
This is an excerpt from a publisher's blog.
If we're talking actual query [letters] I don't overlook those mistakes AT ALL. They are HUGE red flags for the project being queried.  If you make mistakes in your query [letter] you'll make mistakes in your novel.  I can't submit an error-ridden novel to an editor. Well, I could but I flat out refuse to do so.  
I encounter this sentiment so many times, not just from publishers but in my every day life (it's not always aimed at me, I hasten to add).

Did you know that Agatha Christie, arguably the best writer of the 20th century, was dyslexic? She wasn't diagnosed but they can tell from studying her manuscripts and drafts. I don't claim to be the next Agatha Christie (I'd happy to be compared to a Mills & Boon writer) but I cant help but wonder what sort of reception Miss Christie would receive if she was trying to get published today.

The thing is, subjects like physics and algebra have always come easily to me. Given the easy with which I view these topics,  I have never felt that others are dumb just because they can't do what comes relatively easy to me.
What I would really like to know is why people for whom English has always come easy, feel the need to call others stupid and point out their mistakes to make them feel dumb, just because some people can't grasp language and it's nuances as easily as they do? 

Sunday, 12 February 2012

New Book and Valentines Day Giveaway

To celebrate valentines AND my new book, Hope for Tomorrow, all my books are free on Amazon today! Yep, every single one of them.

The newest book in my stable, Hope for Tomorrow is a historical romance. 

When housemaid Martha began an affair with her Master's son, Lucien, the future Earl of Marchwood, it was always destined to end badly.

Single, pregnant and unemployed, Martha struggles to forge a new life for herself and her daughter, only for Lucien to inadvertently destroy it.

She and her daughter are homeless and starving when they come to the aid of a man who proves to be their salvation.

Lucien is still obsessed with his lost love, the only woman who has ever rejected him.

A chance meeting seven years later could spell disaster but can they put their pain and pride behind them and seize this opportunity, or will old ghosts ruin their last chance at happiness?
 Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” Albert Einstein  
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P.S. If you do download a copy, please consider leaving a review, you know how important they are to me!

P.P.S. If you're feeling pretty bummed right now because you feel like the only person in the world without a Kindle but you just cant afford one, don't worry, you can download the Kindle app for free! 

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